Band Bio

How It Came Together

The band name “Under the Grace” is inspired by a song title from Christian artist, Phil Keaggy. A man of incredible talent and passion for Christ, Keaggy has been a huge influence in the life of “Under the Grace” drummer, Gerard Michaud. Both artists having an innate attachment to music and the rock scene of their time, they would eventually find that the only peace that can truly satisfy is a relationship with God. Not long after moving from Worcester, MA to Charlotte, NC, Gerard was on a hopeful search to find local musicians who would find just as much joy in playing Keaggy’s music as he did. Soon after, He met Skip Coglitore, a Christian guitarist who is also a big fan of Keaggy.  Gerard suggested the idea of starting a Phil Keaggy cover band, but Skip had some hesitations, as he was well aware of the fact that Keaggy would not be an easy guitarist to cover. With a little encouragement and patience, they found themselves beginning their journey. Bassist Curt Baker and lead singer Steve Montgomery were the next two musicians to join the band, adding their own personal charm and talents to the group. “Under the Grace” now plays locally in the Charlotte, NC area as they share their passion for music and Christ while covering many of Keaggy's most popular songs including songs from his former band Glass Harp.

Upcoming shows

27 July

The Inn

Salisbury, NC

1012 Mooresville Rd


21 September

The Upper Room

Statesville, NC

129 W Broad St, Statesville, NC 28677